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You’ve likely had an IV at least once in your life — whether it was for medical treatment, a routine checkup, pregnancy, or countless other reasons, IVs are one of the most versatile ways of administering medication, nutrients, and minerals. In fact, infusion treatments are one of the most effective, efficient, and immediate ways to provide medical help to patients, surpassing the blood absorption rates of oral or transdermal medications. When used properly, infusion treatments can be used to replenish, rejuvinate, and provide relief to patients struggling with a variety of issues ranging in seriousness.

Ketamine Infusion

We offer state-of-the-art vitamin infusion therapy to provide the everyday person with a healthier life. Our vitamin infusion therapies can be customized to each patient’s needs — whether you’d like to treat nausea, dehydration, immunity, brain fog, migraines, and a lot more, we can help. Ready to learn how our vitamin infusion therapies are so effective? Read below to find out.

How Infusion Therapy Works

Most everyone is familiar with the concept of taking vitamins and minerals orally. But did you know that when you take nutrients/minerals orally, only a certain percentage of the nutrients are actually absorbed? This is because oral supplements, vitamins, and minerals must “compete” with your metabolism to be fully absorbed. Unlike oral vitamins, vitamin infusion therapy allows the nutrients and minerals to go directly into the bloodstream, allowing for immediate results and 100% absorption. Additionally, the highly customizable nature of infusion therapy allows for greater effectiveness since the therapy is catered to your needs. While oral vitamins/minerals are pre-packaged for the general population, infusion therapy is specially designed to help your deficiencies, desires, struggles, and ailments. Additionally, having an experienced medical administrator who conducts a full medical history and personal evaluation helps you find the infusion that will be most healthy and effective for your body. A high degree of personalization plus full medical absorption allows for top-notch results.

Can Infusion Therapy Replace My Oral Vitamins?

Perhaps! Depending on your needs, vitamin infusions may be a better option for you than oral vitamins. The power, effectiveness, reliability, and usually instant relief makes infusion therapy an attractive option to increase healthy living. However, the decision to replace medications, supplements, or vitamins with infusion therapy ought to be discussed with your primary care physician first and foremost, as not every person is a good contender for infusion therapy.

What Types Of Infusion Therapies Are There?

We offer many different “cocktail” solutions to choose from, plus customizable options. Some of our “cocktails” are: Get Up And Go Recovery Bag, Inner Beauty, Immunity Boost, Myer’s Cocktail, Recovery and Performance, and Weight Loss. If you’re interested in reading more about our vitamin infusion therapy options, click here.

I Want To Try Vitamin Infusion Therapy - What Now?

Here at VIT, we value health, quality, and comfort — and we want to help give you the best vitamin infusion experience. Please contact us so that we can get in touch with you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

In order to give you the best results and be as safe as possible, we will need to know your health history, any concerns you may have, any and all medications you take, and all vitamins you ingest (yes, including tea!)

Expect infusions usually take 20 minutes to an hour, and usually cost around $200-$300 per treatment, depending on the “cocktail.” If you need help deciding what type of mixture would be best for you, talk to your practitioner who will know exactly what type of mixture would give you the best results.

Where Can I Get Vitamin Infusions?

At Virginia Infusion Therapies, we offer a variety of vitamin infusion treatments for our patients. Our office is conveniently located in Leesburg, Virginia, near INOVA Loudoun Hospital. 

If you are interested in receiving vitamin infusions at Virginia Infusions Therapies, we recommend learning about our vitamin infusion varieties. Talk with you primary care physician, then set up your appointment! We can’t wait to see you!

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