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Since Ketamine was linked to rapid depression relief roughly a decade ago, increasing numbers of people suffering from treatment resistant depression have found relief through ketamine infusions. Though this drug is not a silver bullet for depression and suicidality, it has provided hope for many.

Perhaps you or someone you love struggle with depression and suicidality? Since ketamine infusions for depression are relatively new, you might be wondering how ketamine infusions are done and what the infusions feel like. We will answer those questions here. For more information on ketamine itself, we recommend reading “What is Ketamine?

Ketamine Infusion

Your ketamine infusion experience will vary depending on the clinic that you visit. But at Virginia Infusion Therapies in Leesburg, Virginia, you will be cared for by one of our board certified Emergency Physicians – who cumulatively have 50 years of ketamine infusion experience.

During your roughly 70 minute treatment, an IV will be inserted into your arm while you relax in a comfortable chair. You will be constantly monitored throughout the infusion with state of the art equipment to watch for any adverse side effects. This allows us to make any necessary and delicate adjustments to your dosage so that your treatment is effective, comfortable, and safe. 

Once your infusion is complete, the doctor will remove the IV and cover the insertion site with a sterile bandage – just as if you had bloodwork done.

Ketamine Depression

What Ketamine Infusions Feel Like

Every person has a slightly different experience with Ketamine Infusions which is why we closely monitor our patients. But the most common side effects are feeling strange or loopy. You can learn more about Ketamine’s potential side effects in the blog “Is Ketamine Infusion Therapy Safe?” 

Allure author Allegra Ringo decided to have ketamine infusions for her depression and wrote about her experience for the publication. She said her treatment made her feel heavy, but also separated from her body (known as dissociation). 

“Ketamine felt similar to other hallucinogens but way more intense, and for me, it lacked any feeling of euphoria, though I did find myself laughing during several of the treatments.”

Ketamine Relieves depression

Another gentleman named Thomas spoke to Buzzfeed about his ketamine infusion experience. He sought ketamine infusions to find relief from severe depression, PTSD, and suicidality. In the video, he admits that he’s nervous before each ketamine infusion because he doesn’t control his thoughts. His thoughts range from pleasant to scary, but he ultimately feels better at the end of the treatment.

And some doctors argue that this dissociation that both Allegra and Thomas experienced is what produces the powerful mental healing. 

Find a Reputable Ketamine Infusion Doctor

Because ketamine is a powerful drug, it is imperative that you find a reputable doctor to administer your infusions and control for adverse side effects. Make sure they are board certified and have ample experience administering the drug. If you’re curious whether or not the doctors at Virginia Infusion Therapies could help you, simply schedule a free 15 minute consultation to find out. 

Why suffer from depression if you don’t have to? 

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