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October has arrived! That means autumn leaves, pumpkin pie, Halloween costumes, colder weather, and…flu season. And for 2020, flu season is accompanied with the possibility of a dreaded 2nd wave of COVID-19. This means health, hygiene, and general cleanliness are more important now than ever.

As we pull out our winter sweaters, knitted scarves, and extra tissues, it’s important to practice common sense and take extra precaution when indulging in autumn’s activities. Read below for some ways to help build your immunity to help you prepare for this new season!

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For some, the upcoming holidays can mean exciting late nights, while for others it marks the beginning of stressful, busy nights. Regardless of the reason you tend to stay up late, it’s important to remember that enough consistent sleep is vital for a healthy immune system! 

Sleep and immunity are very closely tied. After all, sleep is when your body has the time to recoup mentally and emotionally from life. The University of California conducted a study of over 150 adults and found that the people who slept for less than 6 hours a night were more susceptible and far more likely to catching a cold than the adults who slept 6 hours or more. Reducing screen time before bed, sleeping with an eye mask, incorporating a sleep routine, and falling asleep/waking up at the same time every day are helpful tips that encourage healthier, more consistent sleep. And healthier sleep means a stronger immune system and a happier winter holiday!

Take Your Vitamins!

When it comes to strengthening our immune system, taking vitamins seems like an obvious choice. But the phrase “take your vitamins” is quite vague! Here are just a few vitamins you can focus on to improve immunity: 

  1. Vitamin B12: A lack of vitamin B12 will not only leave you feeling fatigued and sluggish, but also increase your chances of catching illness. For a healthier immune system and higher energy levels, vitamin B12 is very important.
  2. Vitamin C: While Vitamin C can’t quite prevent sickness, it can help you recover quicker, make the effects of sickness less intense, and get you feeling 100% much sooner.
  3. Vitamin D: Not having enough vitamin D in your system makes you more susceptible to illness and weakens the immune system, so it’s important to keep a healthy intake.

Fortunately, there are many resources that provide us with plenty of vitamin options, including some you may not have thought of! 

  1. Oral vitamins. This could mean eating healthier, taking supplement pills, or making smoothies. Taking vitamins orally through food, pills, or smoothies is effective when consistent, easy to do, and often very delicious! However, intaking vitamins orally means that your body is only able to absorb about 50% of vitamins, meaning consistency is key.
  2. Vitamin Infusions Therapy (VIT). Vitamin IV drip treatments have been around for decades, providing people with very effective, immediate ways to improve overall health and immunity. Vitamin infusion therapy is administered through an IV drip while you’re comfortably seated in a chair, delivering the vitamins directly to the bloodstream and immediately boosting bodily health. With VIT, up to 90% of vitamins are absorbed, meaning it’s the most effective way to intake vitamins and a great way to increase immunity!

Don't Forget Minerals!

Vitamins aren’t the only supplements that help improve immunity, minerals are important too! Here are two you’ll want to intake to improve your immune system:

  1. Zinc: This mineral is found in oysters and poultry. It helps regulate cell activity, which directly correlates to a strong immune system. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant benefits, and more! 
  2. Magnesium: Not only does magnesium strengthen the immune system, but it also strengthen bones, improves brain functions, and help regulates hormones. A must-have for a healthy immune system.
There Is Hope

Like for vitamins, minerals can be taken orally or through a Vitamin Infusion Therapy appointment. Either option has a benefit, so it’s important to know which will fit you best! A healthy diet, supplement pills, and proactively intaking minerals is a great way to boost your immune system over time. A VIT therapy session will help you see results sooner, leave you feeling more refreshed, and kick off your immune journey to help you prevent illness!

Masks Are For More Than Just Costumes!

We’ve all seen and heard the global rush around masks to prevent COVID-19. Whether they be government mandated, business mandated, or personal preference, everyone seems to be wearing masks nowadays. Despite the controversy, if you’re looking to avoid sickness during this winter season, you have the unique opportunity to wear a filtered facemask without feeling awkward or out-of-place. Especially in more crowded areas, masks are effective in helping reduce the likelihood of catching all types of illnesses. If you’re hoping to stay as healthy as possible this winter season, wearing a filtered mask is an effective, rather new option that has become socially acceptable. So might as well take advantage of it while you can!

Cocktails For Immunity??

Before you get too excited about drinking cocktails to improve immunity, we’re not talking about traditional, colorful acholic drinks (sorry!) Instead, we’re talking about the much healthier, immunity-boosting Infusions Therapy cocktails! We mentioned VIT treatments for vitamin and mineral intake — a cocktail refers to the mixture of vitamins and minerals mixed specifically for your needs, whether this be immunity boost, overall health, energy boost, or more! To help build a stronger immune system, these two cocktails (administered by IV) are most effective: 

  • The Immunity Boost Cocktail: As the name implies, this cocktail mixture blends Vit C, Zinc, and B complex to give your immune system a great boost that’ll help keep sniffles at bay!
  • The Myer’s Cocktail: Named after the man who invented the mix, the Myer’s cocktail is an overall health-booster that contains Magnesium chloride, Calcium chloride, Hydroxycobalamin (Vitamin B12), B complex, and Vitamin C. This mix will have your immune system feeling top notch!

Infusions usually take 20 minutes to an hour, and usually cost around $200-$300 per treatment, depending on the “cocktail.” If you need help deciding what type of mixture would be best for you, talk to your practitioner who will know exactly what type of mixture would give you the best results.

If you’re interested in seeing whether an vitamin infusion therapy may be right for you, click here to learn more or contact our office, we’d love to see how we can best help you!

Where Can I Get Vitamin Infusions?

At Virginia Infusion Therapies, we offer a variety of vitamin infusion treatments for our patients. Our office is conveniently located in Leesburg, Virginia, near INOVA Loudoun Hospital. 

If you are interested in receiving vitamin infusions at Virginia Infusions Therapies, we recommend learning about our vitamin infusion varieties. Talk with you primary care physician, then set up your appointment! We can’t wait to see you!

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