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Our bodies need a healthy supply of vitamins to properly function. And many of us regularly pop multivitamins and other supplements to boost our immune systems (thank you, elderberry syrup), boost our moods (yay, vitamin D!), and boost our overall health. Now, it’s becoming increasingly popular to receive vitamins through infusions

Vitamin infusions aren’t new. Doctors have been administering them for decades. But now, celebrities like Adele, Madonna, and Rihanna have really put them on the map. Maybe you’re interested in trying some vitamin infusions. But do you really know what they are, how they work, and who should get them? 

Here, we’ll answer these questions plus provide other information you should now before your first infusion treatment.

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Vitamin infusions put vitamins directly into your bloodstream through an IV. The infusions bypass your GI tract which increases the absorption of vitamins from roughly 50% when taken orally to between 90% and 100% when taken through an IV. This higher absorption rate can cause better absorption in your cells – which means you receive greater health benefits. 

The infusions usually take 20 minutes to an hour, and usually cost around $250 per treatment. Infusions at Virginia Infusion Therapies (VIT) deliver a “cocktail” of vitamins to help your body feel its best! 

During your treatment, a qualified practitioner will mix the IV treatment then insert the IV needle into one of your veins. You will be monitored during your treatment by the practitioner to make sure that the IV isn’t flowing too quickly and that you’re comfortable

What Vitamins are Administered Through Infusions?

You have a wide variety of choices for vitamin infusions  – and you should always consult with your primary care physician and your infusion practitioner before receiving your infusion. One of the most common infusions is called the Myers Cocktail. It contains a mixture of Vitamin B-5 for energy, B-12, B-complex, Calcium, Vitamin C, and Magnesium. 

Who Benefits from Vitamin Infusions?

Vitamin infusions have helped provide relief for people suffering from asthma, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, and more.

Other people have found that vitamin infusions increase their energy levels, detox their bodies, boost their immune systems, and even help them lose weight. Some athletes have started using vitamin infusions to help them rehydrate, recover, and build muscle faster and more naturally. Still more people have found that vitamin infusions even help them recover from hangovers faster.

If you think you might benefit from vitamin infusions, talk to your primary care physician and learn about the different vitamin infusion options Virginia Infusion Therapies in Leesburg, Virginia, to see if one is right for you.

How Effective are Vitamin Infusions?

Many medical practitioners disagree on the effectiveness of vitamin infusions. Many argue that a healthy diet and exercise will produce the same effects as the infusions. And more research certainly is needed into the potential benefits of vitamin infusions. 

That being said, both anecdotal evidence and growing medical research point to the benefits of vitamin infusions. Vitamin infusions can help people who eat restrictive diets – either by choice (think Vegans) or by necessity (Celiac Disease) – receive the nutrients their bodies need for optimal functioning. 

Dr. Alan Gaby, who refined the Myers Cocktail, wrote an op-ed for the Baltimore Sun recently in which he argued for the benefits of vitamin infusions. In his 15 years of practicing medicine in Baltimore, his office administered roughly 15,000 Myers cocktails. He saw vitamin infusions provide relief for acute asthma attacks and acute migraines in less than 2 minutes. 

Vitamins for Weight Loss

How Long Do Vitamin Infusions Last?

A 2009 study conducted by the Prevention Research Center, Yale University School of Medicine, compared the effects of the Myers Cocktail and a placebo on 24 adults suffering from fibromyalgia. Four weeks after treatment, those who received the Myers Cocktail still experienced relief from tender points and pain and found improved quality of life. The placebo group only experienced relief from tender points.

How Should I Prepare for Vitamin Infusions?

First, talk to your primary care physician. Then, look for a qualified practitioner and find a clinic where you feel comfortable. Be sure that the practitioner you choose is board certified. And you should feel free to research patient reviews about the practitioner and clinic. 

You should also be prepared to provide a comprehensive medical history to whoever you’ve selected to administer your vitamin infusion. They need to know your health history, any concerns you might have, and all medicines you take – even over the counter. You also need to tell them if you take any vitamins – all the way down to any teas you drink.

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Are Vitamin Infusions Safe?

Any medical procedure – even infusions – carries a certain amount of risk. That’s why it’s critical that you find a reputable practitioner and a clinic where you feel comfortable. 

Some risks of vitamin infusions include bruising at the insertion site, blood clots, vein irritation and inflammation. Although most vitamins delivered via IV are water soluble (which means you will pee out the excess vitamins your body doesn’t need), there is a risk of overdoing it with some vitamins which can have adverse effects – and further demonstrates the need to be fully honest with your practitioner about all medical history including heart or blood pressure conditions and kidney disease. 

Because vitamin infusions bypass your GI system and your skin, there’s a small risk of infection. Though this risk is small, it is imperative that you seek infusions from a board certified, reputable practitioner.

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Where Can I Get Vitamin Infusions?

At Virginia Infusion Therapies, we offer a variety of vitamin infusion treatments for our patients. Our office is conveniently located in Leesburg, Virginia, near INOVA Loudoun Hospital. 

If you are interested in receiving vitamin infusions at Virginia Infusions Therapies, we recommend learning about our vitamin infusion varieties. Talk with you primary care physician, then set up your appointment!  

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