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Vitamin infusion benefits are best known to build immunity, hydrate athletes, aid migraines, and boost overall wellness. But one of the lesser-known benefits of vitamin infusion therapy is how VIT can benefit your appearance too. While we’re not talking about fairy-godmother makeover style, we’re talking about improving your inner health to help your physical appearance shine brighter with very real results.

Are you interested in seeing how vitamin infusion therapy can help your appearance? Read below to learn more!

Vitamins for Weight Loss

Vitamin infusions are the most effective way to get vitamins and nutrients straight into your bloodstream. Oral vitamins (yes, that means food too) lose their potency as they’re being digested — around 50% of the vitamins are actually absorbed. While for some people this is enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle, others find themselves with vitamin deficiencies and/or a desire for more vitamins in their system. Vitamin infusion therapy is administers via IV, which means that around 90% of the vitamins are actually absorbed — a big difference! 

Here at Virginia Infusion Therapies, we offer a variety of vitamin infusions for multiple needs such as Immunity Boost (Vitamin C, Zinc, and B Complex), Recovery & Performance (an amino acid blend, B complex, carnitine, lysine, vitamin C, etc.), Inner Beauty (B complex, vitamin C, Folic acid, COq10 1, glutathione, vitamin B12, etc.), and the classic Myer’s Cocktail (Magnesium chloride, calcium chloride, vitamin B12, vitamin C, B complex, etc.). We also offer vitamin add-ons, for any additional “shots” mixed in.

A regular VIT infusion takes around 20 minutes to an hour. All vitamin infusions are administered by a board-certified, experienced physician who will take every measure to give every patient a five-star experience. While most results are felt right away, depending on the vitamins, the results can be immediate or gradual.

Can Vitamins Help Me Look Better?

Absolutely! — but, maybe not in the way you’re thinking. While vitamin infusion therapy doesn’t work like a magic wand nor plastic surgeon, it can boost your health and balance your vitamin intake. This can result in healthier skin, healthier hair, stronger nails, better joints, and a healthier heart. Our Inner Beauty cocktail is perfect for those looking to radiate both internally and externally. 

The Inner Beauty cocktail contains B Vitamins which helps produce healthy skin cells; Ascorbic Acid which strengthen hair, nails, and the immune system; and Folic Acid to help with blood health. So if you’d like to maximize the health of your hair, nails, heart, and skin, a vitamin infusion would be perfect for you! 

Immunity Boost

What Are The Results Like?

For our Inner Beauty infusions, it may take a few appointments before you fully see results — improving skin, heart, hair, and nails doesn’t come overnight, after all! But after a few weeks, you’ll notice a change for the healthier. 

Flaky skin, flaring acne, cracked lips, and some wrinkles are often a result of a vitamin B deficiency. By balancing your Vitamin B with a vitamin infusion, your skin will grow healthier, and these issues are likely to improve! You’ll be glowing — inside and out. 

Weak, cracking, white, or yellow nails can be painful and frustrating. Persistent split ends, easily broken hair, sudden hair thinness, and slow-growing hair can be confidence dampeners. All of these may be the result of an ascorbic acid deficiency! Boosting your ascorbic acid intake with vitamin infusions may be just the solution your body needs to remedy those nails and strengthen your hair. 

These are only a few examples of what the Inner Beauty cocktail can do for you! You’d be surprised at how much of our health is dependent on vitamin and mineral wellness.

What Else Should I Expect?

Vitamin Infusion Therapies have a broad range of benefits, and the Inner Beauty cocktail is no exception! In addition to strengthening your immune system, strengthening your hair, nails, skin, heart, and joints, the Inner Beauty cocktail can leave you feeling more refreshed, rehydrated, and energetic even minutes after your infusion is finished. If you have other needs you’d like addressed too during your infusion, we can add “shots” into your cocktail for migraines, improved immunity, nausea, pain, and more. 

Talk to one of our certified, experienced physicians about what type of results you’re looking for. From improved skin to soothing migraines, we will do our best to find a VIT package that will help you best!

Where Can I Get Vitamin Infusions?

At Virginia Infusion Therapies, we offer a variety of vitamin infusion treatments for our patients. Our office is conveniently located in Leesburg, Virginia, near INOVA Loudoun Hospital. 

If you are interested in receiving vitamin infusions at Virginia Infusions Therapies, we recommend learning about our vitamin infusion varieties. Talk with you primary care physician, then set up your appointment! We can’t wait to see you!

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