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Vitamin infusions are taking the world by storm helping patients all over the country feel refreshed, relieved, and healthier. We’re proud to offer accessible vitamin infusions in Loudoun County, Northern Virginia administered by our highly trained, certified infusion specialists. 

Read below to hear a true first-person perspective from a young woman who received relief from nausea through vitamin infusion therapy.

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“I’ve suffered from nausea ever since I was 15. It was common for me to wake up in the mornings feeling positively sour-stomached for no reason. Throwing up bile was a common occurrence due to extreme nausea. Food became unappetizing, staying hydrated was a chore, and keeping food down — particularly in the mornings — was nearly painful. And it wasn’t morning sickness, as most doctors asked as their first question. Blood test after blood test, scan after scan, exam after exam, yet my nausea seemed to have no cause. I was told I’d “grow out of it”, and after a while, they were right. I lived my late teen and early twenties remembering my nausea as an unfortunate and unhealthy relic from the past. 

However, that was soon to change. 

I was nearing the end of my college career when my mysterious case of severe nausea struck again. For days I doubled over in excessive nausea, my stomach bubbling in the mornings and gurgling into the night. I distinctly remember visiting a friend’s house for dinner one night amidst an especially bad episode. They were serving clam chowder — my favorite food (and an infamous stomach-upsetter) — and forced myself to eat. After all, it was my favorite. And at first, I truly enjoyed the meal. 

But my nausea was soon to tell me otherwise. 

And an hour later I was hunched over in the bathroom, once again with an empty stomach that remained perpetually sour. 

Days turned to weeks, and my weight plummeted to unhealthy levels. That, matched with a busy college schedule, work schedule, and festive weekend meant I ought to have been eating enough to keep my energy levels high. 

One evening, I went swing dancing with my boyfriend at an old skating rink. Next thing I knew, I woke up in the hospital. I had passed out from severe dehydration and shockingly low levels of potassium. 

The doctors gave me an IV in the hospital to recoop me, however, they advised me to search out additional vitamin infusions. Well, it wasn’t quite advice…rather, they told me that unless I wanted to pass out and end in the hospital again, I better find a way to nourish myself. And one of the doctors had offhandedly mentioned IVs, maybe even as a joke. 

As I was laying down on a comfy bed in a vitamin infusion therapy center, IVs were anything but a joke. After a thorough consultation, the therapy center offered me a vitamin infusion cocktail specifically to treat nausea. The cocktail was meant to nourish me, of course, but the infusion specialists realized that my problem wasn’t that I didn’t want to eat — it was that I couldn’t.

I wish I could remember exactly what my cocktail was mixed with, but I know it had Zofran. I remember this, because the infusion specialist who would administer my IVs would often ask me, “How’s that Zofran working out for ya?” In a cheery, slightly-accented drawl. It was working well. And the other vitamins kept me hydrated, refreshed, and revitalized. I always felt so peppy leaving the infusion office, and my appetite was always sky high. And, I could actually enjoy my meal and keep it down. 

Zofran and whichever vitamins and minerals were administered to me worked. And after multiple treatments, I rarely become nauseated anymore. Vitamin infusion therapy helped me address my nausea in a way that improved my life astronomically. I truly had thought that endless nausea would become my normal. A seemingly hopeless prayer answered. 

I highly suggest vitamin infusions for anyone suffering with nausea or anything similar. Our bodies are so complex, and sometimes, nourishing it with vitamins and minerals is exactly what we need. It was exactly what I needed, and I’m thankful to have found relief through the treatment.”

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