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Virginia Infusion Therapies cannot require you to sign this Authorization as a condition to the provision of services. Please note that once the requested information is disclosed pursuant to this Authorization, Virginia Infusion Therapies will no longer have control over the information and there is a potential that it may be re-disclosed by the recipient.

Virginia Infusion Therapies

The First Ketamine Clinic in Northern Virginia

Virginia Infusion Therapies is one of the the first Ketamine Clinics in Northern Virginia, and the first clinic in Loudoun County to provide Ketamine infusion therapy for the treatment of Major Depression and Pain Conditions.  The clinic was established by four physicians in Loudoun who, through their professional experiences in medicine and their personal family experiences with depression, recognized that there are major problems in the recognition and treatment of depression.  They recognized that Major Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and some pain conditions are often medical emergencies that requires treatments that are more effective…  and more effective IMMEDIATELY.  

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