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Have you ever wondered if there is an easier way to take your daily vitamins? If you are one of those people with a handful of vitamins and minerals to wash down each day, then you’re probably looking for a better way to ensure your body receives its necessary supplements. 

Here at Virginia Infusion Therapies, we rely on a revolutionary infusion therapy called the Myers’ cocktail IV, which allows you to take all your essential vitamins and minerals in a more effective and concentrated way! If you are interested in learning more about this integrative medicine, continue reading about the only cocktail known to ease, and not cause, your after-party hangovers!

Intravenous nutrient therapy is the most effective method of taking vitamins as it injects high concentrations of essential vitamins and minerals directly into the bloodstream, allowing them to avoid the digestive tract. Unlike taking these vitamins or minerals through food supplements, integrative medicine such as IV vitamin therapy promotes rapid absorption of higher doses.

What is Myers' Cocktail IV Therapy?

Myers’ cocktail IV drip therapy, named for the late John Myers, M.D., is an infusion into the blood vessels filled with multiple types of vitamins and minerals.

By injecting the mixture into the vein system, your body’s blood concentrations receive higher levels of vitamins and minerals. Therefore, the IV cocktail works more effectively than if the mixture had to travel through the digestive system via oral ingestion.

Myers' Cocktail Ingredients

While there are different variations based on the patient’s specific needs, the standard Myers’ cocktail includes: 

  • Vitamins;
  • Calcium;
  • Magnesium or magnesium chloride; 
  • Zinc; 
  • Glutathione; 
  • Saline Solution. 

Other nutrients or ingredients such as calcium gluconate are often added to this basic Myers’ cocktail recipe. While the IV cocktail is often mixed with safe ingredients, medical providers should carefully weigh the possibilities of underlying conditions when treating patients. Healthcare providers will often increase, decrease, add, or exclude certain vitamins and minerals to create an individualized treatment for their patient’s specific goals.

Myers' Cocktail Health Benefits

Myers’ cocktail has several health benefits, such as improved overall feeling of wellness or quality of life. According to John Myers, M.D., the Myers’ cocktail formula can potentially treat several clinical conditions, including fatigue, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, and chronic pain.  

Each of the ingredients within the traditional Myers’ cocktail mixture comes with benefits for many patients: 

  • The vitamins, such as vitamin C, B-complex vitamins, and vitamin B12, may relieve muscle weakness, acute muscle spasms, poor sleep, or high stress levels. 
  • Calcium helps encourage bone formation and strength. It can also help regulate heartbeats and control blood pressure levels.
  • Generally found in bones, muscles, and soft tissues, magnesium has been linked to reducing fatigue, migraines, muscle spasms, asthma attacks, and fibromyalgia and may even help those at risk of cardiovascular diseases. Taking magnesium can also result in low blood pressure. 
  • Zinc helps regulate the immune system. Interestingly, zinc is not a natural creation of the body, and yet without it, one may suffer subsequent health issues. 
  • Less known, glutathione is an antioxidant naturally found in the body. It aids the immune system and has been found to help prevent cancer, cystic fibrosis, HIV, and the aging process. 

Depending on other ingredients included in the Myers’ cocktail injection, the therapy may result in further benefits for each patient.

Who Will Benefit the Most from Myers' Cocktail Therapy?

Numerous patients can benefit from Myers’ cocktail therapy. With high doses of antioxidants, nutrients, and other immune-boosting factors, many individuals with weakened immune systems or medical conditions that negatively impact immune resilience can benefit greatly from a Myers’ cocktail IV treatment. Furthermore, patients with the following may also benefit from intravenous micronutrient therapy: 

  • Low energy levels or chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Chronic pain conditions; 
  • Patients who require intravenous hydration; 
  • Patients who seek relief from hangover or withdrawal symptoms; 
  • Patients who suffer from depression or anxiety. 

According to Dr. Gaby and his experience with over 15,000 infusions of Myers’ cocktail, the IV therapy is effective against: 

  • Acute asthma attacks;
  • Migraines;
  • Fibromyalgia;
  • Upper respiratory tract infections; 
  • Acute muscle spasms;
  • High blood pressure;  
  • Colds; 
  • Chronic sinusitis; 
  • Seasonal allergies.

In a study conducted by Yale researchers, experts determined that weekly IV infusions of Myers’ cocktail significantly improve slight soreness, chronic pain, depression, and quality of life in those with fibromyalgia. Unfortunately, the treatment did not result in statistical significance despite patients enjoying sustained improvement four weeks after their last Myers’ cocktail infusion.

How is Myers' Cocktail Administered?

Myers’ cocktail IV drip treatment requires a trained medical practitioner to administer it intravenously and monitor the process. The IV administration process begins by seating the patient, placing a tunicate on their upper arm, and disinfecting the injection site. Next, a small butterfly catheter needle is inserted into the vein while being held in place by a piece of medical tape. The IV vitamin bag is then connected and drips for 30-90 minutes until depleted. 

The IVs are set to a slower drip for first-time users to minimize side effects such as dizziness, discomfort, or nausea. A slower drip helps decrease the chances of a negative reaction or sensitivity to the magnesium included in the IV therapy infusion.

How Often Will I Receive IV Therapy?

The best treatment schedule depends on each patient and their healthcare practitioner. Sometimes, the best results are seen when a patient receives one IV per week over three weeks. If the patient becomes severely fatigued or develops persistent migraines, then a patient may need two treatments per week. Other times, patients may receive the best immune support benefits from receiving treatment only every three to four months

When an individual is suffering from a disease, they may begin with frequent doses and slowly decrease to monthly dosages once their condition is stabilized. Despite the frequency, dosage, or mixture, intravenous nutrient therapy is customizable to each patient and their needs.

How Effective is IV Therapy?

While there is anecdotal evidence, relatively few scientific studies have been conducted regarding the effectiveness of the Myers’ cocktail or any other form of high-dose IV vitamin therapy in people who do not have a vitamin or mineral deficiency. There has not been any placebo-controlled pilot study, so it has not been scientifically shown that infusions are more effective than placebo.

Some healthcare professionals argue that the body only keeps what it needs and that the kidneys filter out the excess. Thus, concentrated vitamin IVs are often not useful; however, those with poor kidney function may benefit from IV therapy. 

Despite some naysayers, vitamin infusions have gained popularity among partygoers and celebrities alike. Those who have undergone Myers’ cocktail IV therapy boast about the beneficial effects of antiaging, higher energy levels, and its use as a hangover remedy. Furthermore, because of the magnesium within the cocktail, it may effectively lower blood pressure. While some opposition purports that these infusions are mostly a placebo for the patient, many studies show that adequate vitamin levels are necessary for optimal health. Therefore, most healthcare professionals believe that the benefits outweigh possible side effects.

Of course, as with all medical treatments, patients should be well informed and understand all their treatment options before beginning treatment with Myers’ cocktail IV. Intravenous vitamin therapy may be an option for you, depending on your medical history and chronic conditions.

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