Ketamine Infusion Therapy has been shown to Improve the Symptoms of Depression in up to 70% of Patients after even a Single Treatment

Ketamine Infusion therapy for depression has been shown to help reduce the symptoms of Major Depression

Severe or Major Depression causes debilitating symptoms that interfere with a person’s life and well being. Standard treatments involve prescription medications that can have harmful side effects on the body and some are very addictive. For those patients, daily living can be excruciating and the prospect of facing the next day with the same symptoms can give them an overwhelming sense of helplessness. Luckily, there is a new treatment for Major Depression. Ketamine is that medication. Given IV, by a licensed and trained infusion specialist, Ketamine can severely reduce symptoms after the first treatment. And, you do not have to change current medications for this treatment to work. Ketamine has been shown to improve symptoms and allow patients to go back to their normal activities sooner and with more control of their symptoms.

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CNN Reports On Ketamine and Depression

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on how Ketamine Infusion Therapy is revolutionizing the treatment of Severe Depression.

Introduction to Ketamine for Major Depression

Patients with treatment resistant Major Depression are often desperate for relief from the feelings of sadness, lethargy, helplessness, and even suicidal thoughts. These patients have often tried months or years of medications that may have made them more tired, gain weight, or lead to other physical symptoms; talk therapy often doesn’t seem to help; and many patients have even tried electroconvulsive ECT therapy.

Ketamine is a big deal because it has been found to provide immediate relief in up to 70% of patients that have tried it. This includes patients with major depression, postpartum depression, severe anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bipolar depression, and even pain conditions such as fibromyalgia. The most important point here is that Ketamine has the potential to provide immediate relief in patients that are desperate for any improvement of their mental and physical symptoms.

A Major Breakthrough

Happy young womenKetamine has the ability to treat some patients with even “treatment resistant” major depression in a matter of minutes! 70% of patients will see some improvement in their depressive symptoms after only a single infusion. This improvement is temporary; but progressive improvement tends to be seen after several treatments. The immediate improvement after a Ketamine infusion is a a breakthrough, given that severely depressed patients have a much higher probability of self-harm and suicidal thoughts. Furthermore, patients such as those with postpartum depression require and benefit from rapid relief of their symptoms, so that can properly care for their infants. Patients with treatment resistant depression understand that finding the right combination of medications can take months; many of the medications cause severe side effects such as decreased libido and weight gain.  Many of the newer medications are designed for patients with schizophrenia and can cause abnormal thoughts. Finally, many patients with treatment resistant depression will turn to electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) for relief, which carries a real risk of permanent memory loss. In comparison, ketamine represents a major breakthrough in the treatment of depression, providing immediate relief with only minor side effects.  The side effects experienced usually occur only during the infusion session.  Studies have not shown longterm side effects from the dose strengths and frequency of infusions used to treat depressive and pain conditions.

Virginia Infusion Therapies

The First Ketamine Clinic in Northern Virginia

Virginia Infusion Therapies is one of the the first Ketamine Clinics in Northern Virginia, and the first Ketamine clinic in Loudoun County to provide Ketamine infusion therapy for the treatment of Major Depression and Pain Conditions.  The clinic was established by four physicians in Loudoun who, through their professional experiences in medicine and their personal family experiences with depression, recognized that there are major problems in the recognition and treatment of depression.  They recognized that Major Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and some pain conditions are often medical emergencies that requires treatments that are more effective…  and more effective IMMEDIATELY.  

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