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Thomas knows the darkest side of depression. After losing both of his children to suicide, he endured depression and post traumatic stress disorder so intense he didn’t care if he lived or died. He sought help from grief counselors and spiritual leaders. He visited a grief clinic, had a brain scan, and sought out an EMDR specialist.

But he didn’t find true relief from his PTSD and depression until he decided to receive ketamine infusions. And they have changed his life.

Ketamine Relieves depression

As this BuzzFeed video details, Thomas sought help at the Ketamine Clinic of LA in January 2018. Dr. Steve Mandel, founder and president of the clinic, says these ketamine infusions can help chemically alter the brain.

“It starts a chain reaction. It actually caused new growth in connections in the brain and in receptor density among those connections,” Dr. Mandel said.

Ketamine - Opioid Alternative

Mind And Body Dissociation For Greater Healing

Thomas was concerned prior to his first injection, and admits he’s still nervous prior to his treatments because he doesn’t control his thoughts.

But this dissociation between mind and body is one of the most therapeutic affects of the ketamine infusions. Sam Mandel, COO of the Ketamine Clinic, says that patients say this dissociation allows them to have an objective perspective on their life and can complement other therapies the patient should be receiving.

“It’s a treatment. It’s not a cure. It will not stand alone,” adds Dr. Mandel.

Thomas says his thoughts can drift from pleasant to scary during the ketamine infusions, but at the end he feels better. 

“Something changed in me that made me go from ‘I don’t care if I live’ to ‘I don’t want to die…I’m going to try to give back what this clinic’s give me: My life.” – Thomas

Ketamine Changed Thomas' Life

Thomas’ life changed dramatically thanks to the ketamine infusions, and he wants others to know their lives can be changed through ketamine infusions too.

“Something changed in me that made me go from ‘I don’t care if I live’ to ‘I don’t want to die,’” he said. “I’m going to try to give back what this clinic’s give me: My life.”


Relieve Severe Depression With Ketamine

Ketamine infusions gave Thomas his life back. Are you or someone you know struggling with severe depression? Ketamine could provide the help you need. 70% of patients treated with Ketamine say they finally feel happy. And many find relief after the first treatment.

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