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When people first hear about ketamine infusion therapy treatments for mental health struggles, one of the most commonly asked questions is whether the treatments are addictive. Since ketamine is a popular club drug, most people understandably associate ketamine with “k-holing”, raves, and drug abuse. However, ketamine has been used professionally in the medical world for decades, improving people’s quality of life without getting people addicted. 

In recent years, doctors have discovered how ketamine can be used to provide long-term relief to people struggling with mental health challenges such as depression, bipolar, postpartum, PTSD, and more. To learn more about his revolutionary drug and provide peace of mind to patients, read below about how addiction is highly unlikely in a doctor-monitored environment. 

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In short, yes, ketamine is addictive. Due to its ability to provide people “out-of-body” experiences, dream-like state of mind, and feelings of elation, it can easily be abused when used recreationally. This abuse, which comes from unsupervised, unmonitored, high and/or frequent self-administered dosing, opens the door for ketamine addiction. Ketamine addiction is a very serious and dangerous issue, and if you or a loved one is suffering from ketamine addiction, abuse, or is self-administering ketamine, please contact the SAMHSA hotline today to find help: 1-800-662-4357.

However, off the streets, ketamine is a highly respected, medical tool that has been used for years. It’s used globally to provide safe sedation to adults and children prior to medical procedures. Additionally, it’s been used on the battlefield for decades to save the lives of countless soldiers. In recent years, the FDA has approved ketamine nasal sprays to treat depression and similar challenges. In these instances and others, medical supervision, professional monitoring, and doctor expertise makes addiction highly unlikely.

Combat Medic Tool of Choice in the Field

“In severely injured soldiers, like a double or even quadruple amputee, we use a large dose of ketamine to not only subdue the wounded and often distraught soldier in the field of fire, but to provide amnesia and pain relief. It also increases the soldier’s heart rate and blood pressure, which helps with blood loss. A ‘K-holed’ soldier is much easier to load and transfer away from danger.” – A Navy Seal medic who wishes to remain anonymous

How Does Ketamine Work?

The Ketamine drug given in different doses can either mildly sedate or completely put a patient to sleep. It does this through blocking certain neurotransmitter and receptor sites in the brain. Studies show that Ketamine can even “rewire” the synapses of the brain or create entirely new synapses. Ketamine provides a high not altogether dissimilar from ecstasy, and under medical supervision, it can provide immediate relief for struggling patients. This drug must be professionally administered and is a restricted substance. With a doctor, Ketamine becomes a revolutionary medical tool — not an addiction. When properly administered by a professional in a medical environment at the right dosages, Ketamine can help rewire depression out of the brain and relieve chronic pain. 

Ketamine - Opioid Alternative

Where Can I Get My Ketamine Infusion Safely?

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