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Ketamine has been used to help patients with medically-resistant mental health struggles find relief for decades. With new studies reaffirming the effectiveness and success rate of Ketamine every quarter, more and more people are turning to Ketamine for relief. Here at Virginia Infusion Therapy Center, we proudly offer state-of-the-art Ketamine treatments to individuals from all walks of life and dealing with many different mental struggles to help bring back quality of life

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One of the most common questions we receive is how young can someone begin ketamine treatments? Keep reading below to learn more!

One of the most effective ways to administer ketamine treatments is via infusion. Since this treatment allows for the ketamine to be infused directly into the bloodstream, results generally manifest quickly and last for months. Under the watch of a trained, highly skilled, certified administrator, ketamine treatments are largely very safe and results are quite reliable. Over 70% of patients report positive results just after their first treatment.

In recent years, Ketamine infusion therapy has shown to not only help adults, but teens as well. With over 65% of teens report struggling with mental health and nearly 30% reporting having struggled with thoughts of suicide or self-harm at least at one point in their lives, teens need mental health hope equally as much as adults do. Ketamine infusion therapy has provided teens with hope and relief, helping many to avoid destructive habits they would have pursued otherwise.

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In an article by Psychology Today, an Iowa mother describes how her teenage daughter had attempted suicide multiple times due to severe depression. The daughter had undergone multiple hospitalizations to try and find help, although it seemed futile. After a very drastic suicide attempt that nearly ended the girl’s life, she tried ketamine treatments. And for the first time, hope, improvement, and relief came to the girl. “I’m convinced that it’s saving her life,” her mother said in an interview with Psychology Today.

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Ketamine Nasal Spray

There are additional options for Ketamine treatments aside from infusions as well. Ketamine nasal sprays are becoming a more and more popular way to treat depression, anxiety, and other forms of mental struggles as well, for adults and teens alike. When discussing ketamine treatments, its important to speak with your doctor to learn what treatment options are best for you, your age, and your conditions.

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