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Ketamine infusions are a revolutionary new way of treating mental health struggles. Scientists, doctors, and patients alike are experiencing the life-changing effects that Ketamine infusions have on those who suffer from medically-resistant mental health challenges and chronic pain. And we here at Virginia Infusions Therapy Center have dedicated our lives to helping people find hope, relief, and better lives through the help of Ketamine infusions. Are you ready to start Ketamine infusion therapy for mental health struggles or chronic pain? Read below to find out what’s next in your Ketamine therapy journey.

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The first step in starting Ketamine infusions is scheduling a phone consultation. In this private consultation, you’ll be talking with one of our experienced, skilled, and compassionate staff members who will help you determine whether you’re a good candidate for Ketamine infusion treatments. We’ll discuss whether you’re interested in Ketamine infusion for a depression or mental health related condition, or chronic pain condition. We’ll also discuss relevant medical history and your current medications. During this call, we’ll be able to answer any concerns, questions, or comments you may have. Additionally, we will ask you questions about your lifestyle, goals in Ketamine therapy, and we’ll discuss financing options. Finally, we’ll schedule your first ketamine treatment.

Step Two: The First Treatment

Once the day of your first Ketamine infusion arrives, it’s important to not eat any solid foods 4 hours prior to your appointment, and not drink 2 hours prior to your appointment. It’s best to arrive around 30 minutes early. This is because we’ll do paperwork, and answer any additional questions you may have. Next, we’ll ask if you need to use the restroom. This is because you can’t use the restroom once infusion begins — but we do provide a urinal or commode if necessary. However, it’s best to clear out prior to the infusion. Once we bring you into one of our infusion rooms, we’ll review your chart with you, set up your IV and monitor, and administer the ketamine. 

During the treatment, you may feel like you’re in a dream-like trance. You’ll be able to rest, relax, and listen to our calming music in our low-lit rooms. After the infusion, you may feel the dream-like trance continue for a while. This is normal, and you can rest in our rooms until you feel normal again, and we assess that you are good to go.

70% of patients experience positive results after just the first treatment, already feeling relief and increased quality of life.

Ketamine Infusion

Step Three: The Next Treatments

Depending on whether you are receiving Ketamine treatments for depression/mental health or for pain conditions, your subsequent treatment frequency will vary. For initiation treatments for depression, there are four treatments total: two in the first week, and two in the second week. For pain conditions, there are three treatments total: all in the first week. These treatments are approximately four hours long each.

Step Four: Maintenance Evaluation (For Mental Health Conditions)

After your last initiation treatment, your first maintenance and evaluation treatment (which is your fifth treatment in total) is scheduled 2 weeks after your last initiation treatment. Then, 3 weeks later, your sixth treatment is administered. At this point, any additional treatments are decided based on your clinical response to therapy. For reference, around 75% of patients need maintenance infusions every 4 weeks or so. However, this is flexible based on how your personal reactions are, and how you feel. Ultimately, monitoring your response, keeping you healthy, and keeping you safe are our top priorities. We want to work with you to provide you the best relief possible, so that you can live life to the fullest.

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With mental health issues increasingly becoming the #1 concern modern health advocates seek to solve, ketamine may just be that solution. But you don’t have to take just our word for it, do your research, then come into Virginia’s premier Ketamine infusion clinic in Leesburg. Send us a message through our contact us page or call us at (571) 371-0290 to connect with our friendly staff and learn more about ketamine infusion therapies and their benefits for your health.

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