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It’s been called the “miracle drug”, ‘the best drug on earth,‘ and “biggest medicinal discovery” of our century. Ketamine’s popularity in both the medical and scientific field has made headlines, particularly in how Ketamine is remarkably effective in treating severe mental health struggles and chronic pain. With over 70% of patients reporting positive results after just the first treatment, it truly appears that Ketamine is the cure for depression. However, despite how revolutionary Ketamine is, how many lives it’s saved, and how many people have benefited, it still isn’t a cure for depression — want to know why? Read below to find out!

Depression History

“Ketamine is commonly used in the operating room to put patients to sleep and is also used frequently in the emergency room to sedate patients for minor procedures, such as resetting broken bones. It was from similar experiences many years ago, that Ketamine was found to help patients with severe depression and pain. Patients who had received Ketamine as an anesthetic found that depression and pain had significantly improved after the Ketamine infusions.” – Dr. Pranav Virmani

While it’s true that Ketamine changes the lives of those with depression, chronic pain, and other difficulties, it isn’t a “cure.” This is because Ketamine treatments are part of a Comprehensive Treatment Plan. This means that you continue your current medication and therapy in order to maximize results. Ketamine treatment is only one part of the puzzle — not the whole picture. While after some time, you may be able to decrease your need for some medication, this should not be expected as normal once you begin Ketamine treatments. If, after treatment, you are hoping to change anything about your current medical plan, then it is important to discuss that with your doctor. If you do not continue taking your medication or stop attending therapy, you may compromise your Ketamine response. 

We always communicate with your current healthcare provider and your doctor to make sure whatever plan we have you on coincides with their medical plan for you.

How Does Ketamine Work?

Ketamine targets NMDA receptors in the brain. By “binding” to these receptors, Ketamine increases a neurotransmitter called glutamate. This neurotransmitter then fills the space between neurons, activating connections in the AMPA receptor. In tandem, both the binding and the activation allow the release of “communication” neurons. These “communication” neurons create new pathways in the brain — a process known as synaptogenesis. This means that Ketamine allows the brain to literally “create” new pathways that positively affect mood, thought patterns, and even cognition. (Harvard) This effect can last weeks in patients, providing them relief that other medications may not be able to deliver. 

In summary, Ketamine helps the brain block central nervous system signals that send excessive pain messages to the brain. This blocking allows the brain to rest, create better pathways, and regulate healthier patterns.

How Long Does Ketamine Last?

As you’ve probably inferred, Ketamine isn’t a “quick fix” drug. It’s part of a longer-term solution plan to help you find peace. Like most patients, you may feel remarkably better after just your first treatment — and this is very good! But in order to maximize your benefits, you will have 4 “initiation” treatments, followed by maintenance treatments. Depending on your personal reactions and response, you may come in for maintenance every 4 weeks or so once your initiation and follow-up treatments are complete.

What Do People Say About Ketamine Therapy?

There’s a reason why Ketamine infusions are growing in popularity and have such high reviews. The drug works, and is creating waves in the mental health community. Even after their first Ketamine treatment, many patients report “finally feeling happy”, some for the first time in years or even their entire lives. Here at VIT, we love hearing that Ketamine infusion is changing the lives of our patients. Here is what some of them have to say: 

After 50 years of PTSD and Depression I now feel normal again. I can’t say enough about the kind, professional staff at Virginia Infusion. I recommend them every chance I get.” ~ Jim Stakem

“Virginia Infusion Therapies provides best infusion therapy for depression or infusion for pain relief.” ~ Mark Antony

Rarely have I seen one doctor, let alone three, take such interest and care in their patients. Treatment was sterile, safe, and extremely comfortable. Clear communication about expectations and possibilities. Resolution of problems beyond my hopes- yet grounded firmly in reality. This is the place to go to solve serious problems with unbelievable support.” ~Yar Quasar

With mental health issues increasingly becoming the #1 concern that modern health advocates are seeking to solve, Ketamine may just be that solution. But you don’t have to take just our word for it, do your own research, then come in to Virginia’s premier Ketamine infusion clinic in Leesburg.

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