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There is no rhyme or reason to who suffers from depression—it affects people from every race, gender, sex and walk of life. However, those at the tops of their industries—C-level executives, business leaders and entrepreneurs—may be more susceptible to depression as a result of their stressful careers and the tenacious, perfectionist personalities that helped them become so successful in the first place.

An astounding 50% of entrepreneurs report having suffered from a mental health condition, 30% of which admit that they’ve suffered from depression their entire lives. But reaching out for help, especially for this group of high-performing individuals, isn’t easy. Not only does depression carry a negative stigma, but these people oftentimes feel they should be strong enough to battle their depression without outside help. Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain’s recent suicides are sad proof that highly successful people oftentimes choose to suffer in silence.

When a business leader begins exhibiting signs of depression—disengagement, an inability to concentrate, an obvious lapse in self-care, etc.—he or she is often sent to work with an Executive Coach. But depression is not something that can be “coached out” of someone.

So, what depression treatments are available to this group of high-functioning businesspeople, worried that their employees or stockholders will lose faith and their business will suffer if their struggle with depression is publicly revealed? Antidepressants take months to begin working, if they work at all. And talk therapy requires a consistent investment of energy, over a long period time. Time that most executives don’t have.

Ketamine infusions may be the most promising option for business leaders, executives and entrepreneurs looking to rapidly and effectively treat their depressive symptoms. Ketamine is effective in up to 70% of people suffering from depression, and works quickly—within 1-2 sessions. It requires the patient to receive 4-6 infusions in a two week period, but, after that, maintenance infusions are done only on an as-needed basis. Ketamine clinics are also privately owned, ensuring the treatments are administered away from the public eye.

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