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Ketamine infusions have been changing the lives of people who struggle with medically-resistant mental health challenges, chronic pain, drug addiction, alcoholism, and more in recent years. Ketamine’s revolutionary medical potential has caught the attention of many doctors who are eager to use ketamine for depression, anxiety, post-partum, bipolar, and more.

However, due to the new-ness of ketamine and mental health awareness, ketamine treatments are not yet covered by most insurance plans. Nonetheless, we here at Virginia Infusions Therapy Center strive to make ketamine infusions available and affordable to everyone, no matter insurance coverage. Read below to find out financing options for ketamine infusions!

Writing as Therapy

As mentioned before, the benefits behind ketamine for mental health struggles are relatively new discoveries. The FDA has yet to approve ketamine infusions for mental health, although this is hopeful to change as the FDA recently approved ketamine nasal spray medication for depression. Undoubtedly, once the FDA approves ketamine infusion therapy for mental health, insurance companies will begin to add coverage for infusions. But, this may not happen for years to come as ketamine is still considered experimental and under further investigation.

However, FDA approval is not the only reason insurance companies have yet to cover ketamine infusions at this time. Lack of widespread knowledge is another contributing factor. When people call their insurance providers and ask about ketamine infusions, most agents aren’t aware of what ketamine infusions are, much less whether they’re covered in insurance plans. This is a reflection of the general population, who aren’t yet aware of the benefits of ketamine infusion therapy and only associate ketamine with the party drug or veterinary services. Slowly, this trend is reversing as the benefits of ketamine are being explored and realized. 

How Much Do Ketamine Infusions Cost?

The exact cost of ketamine infusion therapy varies due to the highly individualized nature of the medication. For example, if you are receiving initiation treatments for depression, there will be 4 treatments in total and the ketamine doses will be monitored depending on your needs. On the other hand, ketamine treatments for pain conditions are 3 treatments. Below are the specifics of these two schedules:

Initiation Treatments for Depression( 4 treatments total ) 

  • 2 treatments the first week
  • 2 treatments the second week
  • Our Ketamine infusion specialists will monitor your improvement and manage the dose of Ketamine during these sessions, to provide you maximum benefit.

Initiation Treatments for Pain Conditions ( 3 treatments total ) 

  • 3 treatments the first week.  Each treatment is approximately 4-hours in length.
  • Our Ketamine infusion specialists will monitor your improvement and manage the dose of Ketamine during these sessions, to provide you maximum benefit.

After this, maintenance treatments and follow-up treatments are scheduled based on need, schedule, and other factors in order to maintain the results and help you feel as best as you can. To receive a free quote as to what your ketamine infusion therapy schedule may cost, please schedule a free consultation with us! We would love to discuss your needs and provide you with a free quote.

Financial Payment Plans for Ketamine?

Virginia Infusion Therapy Center is pleased to offer an alternative financing option to our patients, the Advance Care Card. 

Advance Care has been trusted for years providing financing options for patients seeking psychiatric treatments and a myriad of other medical treatments not currently offered under insurance plans such as orthodontics work and cosmetic work. The card has many benefits, such as:

  • ​Process is simple and offers quick decisions.
  • Co-signers may be ​used to increase chances of approval.
  • Schedule your medical procedure as soon as you are approved.
  • 6 or ​14 months interest free financing and competitive interest rates.
  • ​​Maximum flexibility
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No ​punitive late fees
  • ​​Easily accessible customer service.
This provides options such as payment plans for your ketamine treatments, flexibility in payment, and quick results. Please contact us or Advanced Care for more information. 

Ready to get started?

Ketamine infusions should be available to everyone, and we here at Virginia Infusion Therapy want to help bring this revolutionary treatment to those who need it most. We would love to hear from you and help you build a better life with ketamine infusions!

About Advance Care:

“Advance Care has been a leading provider of patient financing solutions since 2008. We have worked diligently to provide patients the most affordable options to finance their procedures or treatment plans. Our programs provide affordable monthly payments with flexible terms. Whether you choose to use your card for cosmetic surgery, dentistry, orthodontics, chiropractic care, weight loss or hair restoration, the Advance Care combines interest free financing with the flexibility you want.”

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