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Dr. Jay Kugler


Dr. Jay Kugler board certified in both Emergency Medicine and Family Medicine. He has worked as an Emergency Physician in Northern Virginia since 2002. Dr. Kugler completed his undergraduate degree at San Diego State University, Osteopathic medical school at the University of North Texas HSC, and residency in Pontiac, Michigan. Dr. Kugler states that his training in Osteopathic and family medicine has reinforced his belief in finding natural and effective treatments for patients suffering from depression, anxiety as well as chronic pain. His leadership position has led him and his co-founders to research the holistic benefits of Ketamine Infusion Therapy. This research reinforced the finding that up to 70% of patients with severe depression and anxiety and chronic pain show improvement in their symptoms after Ketamine infusion therapy. His passions outside of work include reading science fiction novels, basketball, and racquetball. Dr. Kugler lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and children.

Dr. Marwan Jaber


Dr. Marwan Jaber is a board certified Emergency Medicine physician in Northern Virginia since 2007. He earned his medical degree at SUNY Downstate in New York; and completed his residency in Emergency Medicine at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. It has been his dream since he was a child, when he was “saved” by a physician, to become a doctor where he could return this gift and help others in need. Dr. Jaber is passionate about promoting physical and mental health by combining a holistic and natural balance and traditional medicine. Some of these passions include cross-fit and healthy diets. Dr. Jaber lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and children.

Dr. Pranav Virmani


Dr. Pranav Virmani is a board certified Emergency Medicine physician who has been treating patients in Northern Virginia since 2002. He graduated medical school with Alpha Omega Alpha honors from Howard University Medical School and completed his residency at Christ Hospital and Medical Center in Emergency Medicine in 2002. Dr. Virmani has, over the last decade in the emergency room, developed a passion for understanding and helping patients with mental health emergencies and patients with severe chronic pain. It was during this time, along with his co-founders, he researched the benefits of Ketamine infusion in helping patients with these problems. His passions outside of work include traveling and basketball. Dr. Virmani lives in Northern Virginia with his wife and children.


Rebekah Jordan is a board-certified Psychiatric Mental Health (PMHNP) and Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) with over ten years of experience. She began her career as a nurse in the United States Navy. During her time as a trauma nurse, is when she saw first-hand, how wonderful ketamine can help a patient. She worked as a Family Nurse Practitioner in Neurology, Pain Management, Urgent Care, and Internal Medicine. After earning her PMHNP from Duke University in 2020, she began serving the psychiatric needs of patients in Virginia and West Virginia in private practice as a PMHNP. She has been working with Virginia Infusions since 2019.

Virginia Infusion Therapies

The First Ketamine Clinic in Northern Virginia

Virginia Infusion Therapies is one of the the first Ketamine Clinics in Northern Virginia, and the first Ketamine clinic in Loudoun County to provide Ketamine infusion therapy for the treatment of Major Depression and Pain Conditions.  The clinic was established by four physicians in Loudoun who, through their professional experiences in medicine and their personal family experiences with depression, recognized that there are major problems in the recognition and treatment of depression.  They recognized that Major Depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, and some pain conditions are often medical emergencies that requires treatments that are more effective…  and more effective IMMEDIATELY.  

Highly Experienced

Emergency Medicine led care before during and after your ketamine treatment


State-of-the-art vital sign monitoring–continuous blood pressure, heart rhythm and blood oxygen level assessments.

24/7 Care

24/7 vital sign monitoring–continuous blood pressure, heart rhythm and blood oxygen level assessments.


Commitment to provide the highest and most compassionate level of care.

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